• Sandalwood is a class of woods from trees in the genus Santalum

  • The woods are heavy, yellow, and fine - grained

  • Aromatic woods that retain their fragrance for decades

Welcome to Marayoor Sandal

Marayoor Sandal is a Government of India approved organization approved located in Kannur, Kerala. With over 25+ Years of rich experience in the farming business with varied activities like plant germination, plant supply, and consulting and trading, our organization over these years had partnered with various corporate farming communities, government agencies and individual landlords across India. Over 20 years of research and development our organization with patent in the name of “Agrofos” technology has been recognized as one of the best farming community across the entire Kerala for its unique methodology and techniques. Agrofos is a fertilizer through which the sandal and the host plant is generated.

What exactly is the Sandalwood? Sandalwood can be described as the fragrant woods yielded by trees in the genus Santalum. The stem grows 20 to 30 feet high, which is heavy and straight – grained and varies in colour. It is white when in the juveline stage, turning into yellow and orange in colour when it grows old. The oval leaves of the Sandalwood are covered with a whitish bloom; its small flowers are varying in colour. The essential oil and the fragnance of the Sandalwood is very popular as it carries a great significance. For such reasons, cultivation and trading of this particular plant species have been done throughout the ages and the species has been exploited to such an extent that it is almost on the brink of its extinction.

Vision & Mission

Marayoor Sandal has got a clear picture for the Sandalwood as it looks forward to meet the challenge for the future and achieve an excellence in quality service by creating an awareness network to people across Kerala and India.

The mission for Marayoor Sandal is to provide the customers of ours with the finest quality products at the most competitive prices, in the shortest delivery time across India.


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